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Limiters are a collection of optional handicaps Red can unlock starting at level 5 onward. Activating a Limiter increases the rate at which Red's User Level increases, at the cost of granting enemies additional powers or imposing restrictions on The Transistor and its Functions. Similar to Functions, using a Limiter at least once in battle unlocks new Lore data from that Limiter, with each Limiter corresponding to a particular form of Process.

Limiters[edit | edit source]

Icon Details Limiter Effect When In Use Process Lore Unlocked
Efficiency.jpg Efficiency User Level Bonus: 4% The Process will strike with twice as much power. Jerk
Abundance.jpg Abundance User Level Bonus: 2% The Process will sometimes spawn twin Cells When terminated. Young Lady
Responsibility.jpg Responsibility User Level Bonus: 4% User will lose access to 6 Memory or more. Functions may be uninstalled. Cheerleader
Initiative.jpg Initiative User Level Bonus: 2% The Process will respawn from cells in much less time. Weed
Resilience User Level Bonus: 2% The Process will spawn shielded Cells when terminated. Badcell
Concentration User Level Bonus: 2% User will no longer automatically activate Turn() at low health. Clucker
Priority User Level Bonus: 4% User will overload more Functions at once and recover only one per Access Point. Creep
Legacy User Level Bonus: 2% The Process will spawn corrupt Cells when terminated. Snapshot
Permanence User Level Bonus: 4% User will cause Functions to overload by uninstalling them at Access Points. Fetch
Superiority User Level Bonus: 6% The Process will spawn in greater numbers. Man

Turn Based Combat

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