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Icon Name How
Agency() Agency() Complete every Agency Test in the Sandbox.
Align() Align() Reach User Level 8.
Anything() Anything() Do 1024 damage in one Turn() in the Sandbox's Practice Test.
Bet() Bet() Complete 5 encounters with one or more Limiters in use.
Bracket() Bracket() Defeat Royce within the Transistor (Location)
Bye() Bye() Complete a standard Story.
Contest() Contest() Complete every test in the Sandbox.
Dare() Dare() Complete 5 encounters with 5 or more Limiters in use.
Drive() Drive() Reach the motorbike in Goldwalk District
Everything() Everything() Do 2048 damage in one Turn() in the Sandbox's Practice Test.
Find() Find() Finish 10 Function Files.
Focus() Focus() Reach User Level 16.
Function() Function() Unlock every Transistor Function.
Goodbye() Goodbye() Complete a Recursed Story.
Kendrell() Kendrell() Obtain Grant and Asher's Traces at the top of Bracket Towers.
Limiter() Limiter() Unlock every Limiters
Memory() Memory() Unlock 32 MeM.
News() News() Use 10 unique OVC Terminals.
One() One() Reach User Level 24.
Performance() Performance() Complete every Performance Test in the Sandbox.
Planning() Planning() Complete every Planning Test in the Sandbox.
Process() Process() Finish all Process Files.
Reisz() Reisz() Defeat Sybil in the Goldwalk amphitheater.
Reveal() Reveal() Finish all Function Files.
Risk() Risk() Complete 5 encounters with all 10 Limiters in use.
Sandbox() Sandbox() Complete one of every test in the Sandbox.
Search() Search() Finish 5 Function Files.
Self() Self() Augment a Transistor Function with itself.
Speed() Speed() Complete every Speed Test in the Sandbox.
Spine() Spine() Defeat the spine at the top of Bracket Towers.
Stability() Stability() Complete every Stability Test in the Sandbox.
Stack() Stack() Create a Function that uses 12 MeM.
User() User() Unlock all slots on the Transistor.